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Esteemed Members of POSI,


It’s a great honor and privilege to have been bestowed upon us the 29th POSICON, 2023 which is a POSI- POSNA meet at Temple city, Bhubaneswar, Odisha and as the Organizing Secretary I take this opportunity to invite all my fellow fraternity to Bhubaneswar, the ideal destination for such a event .

This inflicts within us a challenge and I want to apprise my National leaders and the Executive committee members that the responsibility they have reposed on my shoulders would not go in vain and I promise to fulfill their expectations by a smooth conduction of this event.


POSICON is being hosted in Odisha for the 1st time, since it’s inception. For conducting a event like POSICON, one needs to do lots of planning, execution and a dream to achieve it . Getting a opportunity to host POSICON had been my dream since I joined POSI in 1999. At last, with the blessings and support of my EC and fellow surgeons, I was able to achieve this milestone.

Odisha is located in the eastern coast of India having 11 virgin beaches including receding and growing beaches, 8 lakes, 24 islands, 500 ancient temples, 15 Budhist sites , 6 Jain sites , 504 birds and reptiles, 19 sanctuaries and 10 lakhs migratory birds and rare Olive Ridley Turtles and THERE IS SURPRISE IN EVERY CORNER.


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